The dawn of a new era: TFP introduces their revolutionary Day-Spa & Medi-Spa

Brisbane-Based wellness-lifestyle developer Cavcorp is pleased to unveil the opening of ‘TFP SPA’, which marks the final stage of the Monumental Total Fusion Platinum Health Club and Gym Experience, in Newstead, Brisbane. Complementing the already vast array of sophisticated offerings at TFP, the ‘Healing Lounge’, Day-Spa & Medi-Spa officially opens its doors on February 3rd. Upon opening, TFP SPA will stand as Australia’s largest indoor spa, welcoming a seamless blend of ancient relaxation practices with avant-garde medicinal methods & age defying bio-hacking therapies. Located on the ground floor of the 9,000sqm Wellness Centre, the TFP SPA designed by lauded interior architects, Caroline Choker & Vince Alafaci of ACME, will offer guests & members a holistic suite of Age-Defying treatments in an lush enclave unlike anything Australia has ever seen.

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed by a discrete custom marble reception and directed to arched, landscaped waiting alcoves. Designer Caroline Choker has reimagined the material palette to blend seamlessly from experience to experience. The ‘sunken-healing-lounge’ showcases plush chaise lounges, illuminating glass-bricks, a meticulously sculpted travertine bar, spiritual crystal pendant and tranquil melodies, curating an atmosphere of pure elegance. Within this refined setting, patrons discover the pioneering benefits of IV Drip Vitamin Infusion, NASA-endorsed Red Light Therapy, Cryotherapy, HOCAT Ozone therapy, and PEMF therapies, all situated in their own private suites.

Adjacent to, and serving as a prelude to the day spa therapies, the ‘Glass-Brick-Waterfall’ elegantly accentuates the thermal-contrast therapy (Sauna, Steam Room & Ice Plunge), ushering guests along the ‘Kniepp Reflexology Stone Path’ and onwards to the ‘Sunken Relaxation Verdant Lounge’—a serene haven where mind and body synchronize in harmony pre or post treatment.

Secluded within, each of the 14 spacious breathable-lime plastered therapy sanctuaries are dedicated to advanced medical treatments, precisely tailored for rejuvenation and restoration. A highlight among these is the exclusive ‘Couples-Sculpted-Cave’, equipped with two original Ayurveda Beds and ‘Healing-Copper-Baths’, allowing couples to immerse themselves in a collective oasis of renewal and intimacy.

The regenerative roster of treatments draws on years of global-roaming experience led by Cavcorp CEO, Damien Cavallucci, and includes medical-grade laser skincare & hair removal, PRP, micro needling, DMK facials, specialised massages, spray-tanning booths, shockwave & bio-electric therapy, and a host of authentic ayurvedic therapies for the face & body.

The ‘Seven-Sense Biospheric’ ethos is evident in every corner and seamlessly integrates stone, timber and glass bricks with soothing elements like lime plaster, water, fire, and plants. This synergy offers members a ‘Seven-Sense Journey’ of sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, movement, and balance, enriching quality of life & ensures that each breath is rejuvenating.

TFP SPA is open from Saturday, February 3rd to members & non-members. Individual treatments can be booked via the website here:

Cavale Residents will soon have access to special offers for treatments & therapies, as part of the Cavale+ Programme.  Keep an eye on your resident portal pages and ensure you are signed up to receive updates.

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