Cavalé +


Cavalé offers unique access to experiences, events and programs carefully crafted to enhance the wellbeing, enjoyment and collective consciousness of our residents, to build a life of fulfillment.


We are committed to fostering lasting relationships between the fascinating individuals that make up the Cavalé community and creating environments for families, friendships and networks to thrive.


Living in a Cavalé property gives our residents access to the Cavalé + programme. The Cavalé + life can’t be bought and paid for; it can only be accessed by those who choose to live it.


Cavalé is dedicated to optimizing the hectic lifestyles of our residents. We help take care of life’s trappings so they can focus energy on moving forward without the deceleration of the day-to-day.

Exclusive Benefits
Launching February, 2024

Your Cavalé + membership activates once you buy or rent with us. Offering special privileges with Cavalé’s network of partners.

Cavalé Pets.

Pet Care services exclusively for Cavale Residents at Bowie Grooming & Daycare

Cavalé Spa.

Access to VIP offers and special discounts on invasive and non-invasive treatments at TFP Spa

Cavalé Kids.

Children’s programming and exclusive benefits for Cavale Residents at the Long Island Kids Creche.

Cavalé Club.

Access to a range of experiences including resident wine tasting evenings, seasonal festivals, and lively panel discussions

Cavalé Eats.

Preferred reservations, dining benefits, in-building catering and delivery for Cavale Residents.

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